BlissDance Foundation Training for Personal & Practitioner Mastery [ONLINE] Claimed

Shakti Shiva Academy

If movement is your medicine and you’re interested in learning to facilitate BlissDance events for your own community, then come be part of Shakti Shiva Academy’s inaugural BlissDance Teacher Training Certification Course.

BlissDance is a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening: awakening in us our universal desire for Truth, Presence, Love, Connection, Beauty, Freedom, and Pleasure!

BlissDance, like Tantra, supports the powerful integration of all seeming polarities such as the sacred, profane and the sexual; the light and the shadow; and the masculine and the feminine.

One of the first principles of BlissDance, as a Tantric movement practice, is Presence – being present in the here and now, in our bodies, in our senses. Another is the connection between our desire, our sexuality and our hearts. As this happens, we get to experience and confront some of the unconscious patterns keeping us from being intimate with life.

One of the keys of BlissDance is its invitation to break out of our habits and stuck ways. We enact some of the dramas of everyday life – like having to put down a healthy boundary – but dance this drama in a conscious way, as a celebration of the body, and as an act of liberation.

In experiencing it consciously, something gives way, more space is created, and we celebrate our expansion.

BlissDance is for those yearning for authentic presence, intimacy, connection, pleasure, love, freedom and truth. It’s for brave spiritual warriors unafraid to fly their freak flags and have their vulnerability witnessed by others. All it takes is a little willingness and a lot of curiosity. The music, the facilitation and the group carry us along into what we really, really want: a deep heart opening into this present, precious moment.

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