Iboga & Kambo Neo-Bwiti Ceremonies

Still Nothingness

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Together, we facilitate Iboga and Kambo psychospiritual ceremonies every month in Cape Town, biannually in Johannesburg and across Europe and biennially in Australasia. Sean is an initiated Bwiti N’ganga, practicing since 2004. Nicole is a full time facilitator and apprentice of Sean’s since 2017. With extensive experience, skilled and caring support we guide people in the process of awakening to embodied presence through the death and rebirth journey, as is the traditional Bwiti structure for working with Iboga.


Our backgrounds similarly emerge from initiated practices of the Eastern and animist spiritualities as well as other modern ordeal pathways, Sean’s prior training extends to formal training in the Peruvian, Egyptian mysteries and extensive apprenticeship with the Santo Daime. We offer a nuanced support structure of consultation, microdosing and ceremony, along with accompanying practices to assist after the journey moves out of the ceremonial space and into the setting of life.


Q I haven't taken psychedelics before, am I able to start with Iboga?

Actually, Iboga isn’t a psychedelic, despite what the online literature says. It is a psychoactive! But that’s beside the point. You can start your plant medicine or entheogenic journey with Iboga. We are particularly experienced with taking first-timers through this process. Many people have a ‘calling’ to work with Iboga who have never taken Ayahuasca, LSD, Mescaline or smoked Marijuana. For those who are sincere in the journey of self-inquiry and reflection, Iboga is an excellent plant medicine to experience first.

You will not experience hallucinations, and you will not have out of body experiences. You will stay very connected to your setting throughout the journey.

You will, however, experience the ability to watch your thoughts and how you think. For that reason, many first-timers with an interest in self discovery find Iboga very insightful.

Q Can I die?

Only in the metaphysical sense! We carefully screen each person with questions about health and lifestyle to determine if it is appropriate to do this ceremonial work.

When participants have health risks, we ask for them to take tests with their doctor to make sure that their heart health is up to the challenge. The physical duress of this ceremonial work is the equivalent of attending a sweat-lodge.

We also screen for contraindicated medications and health vulnerabilities so that you are not putting yourself at risk by attending.

Q Isn't it only safe to do Iboga in a medical setting?

If you are doing a detox process you will need a much larger dose and medical supervision. The body could be weak from a enduring addiction which needs special monitoring and administering. In this situation, medical supervision is important.

However, we work with psycho-spiritual ceremony for people who are dealing with mental suffering, trauma, addictions to food, thinking, fear, doubt, anger, cigarettes, social media, lying etc. Or people who wish to support personal transformation, optimization and spiritual inquiry. Thus, there is far less risk and more opportunity to work in a symbolic-transformational ceremonial structure without the need for heart monitors, vital sign checks and emergency revival trolleys and medications.

Iboga has been eaten for thousands of years in these ceremonial formats and they offer a unique window for immense personal change that a medical and purely psycho-therapeutic approach simply can’t access.

Q Do you provide drug detox?

Ours is a psycho-spiritual practice, consider joining a ceremony with us 2-6 months post-physical detox. It's a doorway to self-inquiry for those ready to address the root of suffering. If you're in a 'grey area,' be it pharmaceuticals or recreational habits, let’s chat.