Intuitive Deep Listening, Guidance, Spiritual Mentoring & Shamanic Healing


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Hello fellow seeker!

I am I am offering a container in which you may come and truly be heard, and to be guided back to your inner truth.

The angle I am coming from is of deep, unwavering, uncompromising presence and attention. I feel at the moment that there is desire by many to be listened to, to be witnessed and to be fully heard. For over a decade I have been practising the art of deep listening, giving space, time and allowance for the people I speak to, to truly unpack what is on their minds and hearts. And after years of expanding through various modalities, I am now offering a calm and stable nervous system for clients to come spend time with.

My offering remains on a human level. Inside of my container I provide not just a listening ear, but a listening to your field. I provide questions that help guide you to your own answer, guidance on the spiritual path and in relationships, tools, rituals and practises, shamanic healing and soul retrieval, and any other of the frequencies I know that I intuitively feel may benefit you. Relating on a level that is warm, caring, friendly and laid-back, but also providing a safe and anchored presence so that you can feel free to express, release and heal unfelt emotion, feeling and trauma, without judgement, only love.

I am passionate about being of service to fellow seekers of inner truth, to help guide them through the unknown, and to give attentive listening for their feelings to truly be seen and heard.

If you resonate with this, then you are already well on your way, so drop me a message and we can schedule a free 20 min consultation call.