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Welcome. I honour the process that has brought you here!

The essence of my work is to deeply acknowledge whatever you bring to me, to work with you for the complete resolution and integration of all that, and to do so within the greater framework of your own ‘Hero’s Journey’. I work equally well with individuals, couples and in complex family or business situations (including mediation, negotiation and strategy).

I know that our issues, complexities and challenges are truly pointers to the greater process of our deepest healing, emotional embodiment, spiritual unfoldment and ultimate awakening to who and what we really are. And this understanding is the ground of the work we do.

During our time together I will hold up a mirror to your deepest essence so that you can see, perhaps in new ways, what your true nature and greater purpose is. And from that place I will help you to build a map and establish a process that gets you from where you are (or appear to be) to where you want to go.

I’m into ‘rapid therapy’, initiation and the transfer of my skills to you, rather than years of analysis and psychotherapy. We will move quickly and I will directly empower you to run your own process and to take charge of your own growth using the tools I give you. The incarnation of your own mastery is the gift I am always seeking to give.

I work in all areas of human change and am happy to explore with you whatever is required. The integrity that I bring to this work is my absolute commitment to your process – and I will walk the longest journey with you if required. Expressing this kind of commitment is where my own happiness comes from, and so I am grateful to You for the opportunity.

You can bring anything to me, including family, relationship or intimacy issues, any kind of psychiatric ‘diagnosis’ you may have received, such as Adult ADD, Depression, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder etc. I am comfortable working with addictions (drugs, sex, gambling), phobias and fears – as well as with all physical health challenges. If there is anger, sorrow, boredom, stress, trauma, negative emotions or limiting beliefs, I can assist.

I also provide ‘generative change’, helping you to grow and evolve further, from a place that is already good. If you want to run faster, climb higher, sing more sweetly, radically enhance your creativity or deepen your capacity for emotional and sexual expression, I’m here. Serving people in their own deepening embodiment of the practice of love is something I find especially rewarding – and in my view is one of the most useful aspects of life we can address.

If you simply need to rediscover your deepest life purpose or if you’ve strayed from your own true course then I can help you get back on track again. I work with you to uncover your own inherent wisdom, skill and capacity to be able to function at progressively higher levels.

I can assist children and teenagers who have received an ADD/ADHD or related diagnosis, and can provide a safe and natural resolution to these issues without resorting to commonly prescribed drugs. Likewise if your child is suffering from adverse side-effects from any medication, I can help.

The body-mind is one system and I understand the deep and intimate relationship between biochemistry and consciousness. So there will always be an address to your physical health when you consult me with. I have seen clearly how fundamental this is to mental and emotional functioning – and even to our basic capacity for happiness.

You may make use of me as a guide as you navigate any kind of physical health challenge, including serious affairs such as cancer. I understand the deep biological, psychological and spiritual processes which underlie true healing and I will show you how to apply these in your own life, in addition to giving you the required nutritional, supplementation and natural medicine protocols for your healing.

I can offer you clear insight and advice relative to pharmacological choices, and how to safely modulate the serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine neurotransmitter systems that control our essential states and behaviours.

I am adept in the domain of drugs and psychopharmacology and am able to safely take people off medication that does not serve them, while simultaneously providing safe, natural and powerful options where these are required. If plant-based shamanic work is requested then I am both capable and comfortable working in this realm – for individual and group processes.

Just as there is intrinsic unity in the relationship between mind and body, likewise the entire universe is one system. And this whole system (including you) always leans, and tends to collapse towards, healing, resolution and intrinsic perfection. That is Your Nature. I simply provide the artful nudges that are required.

If you want to work with me then I look forward to speaking with you ☺


  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Society of NLP, London)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Systemic NLP (NLP University, UCSC, California)
  • Certified Practitioner of Classic Code Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP Academy, London)
  • Certified Practitioner of New Code Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP Academy, London)
  • Certified Practitioner of Systemic NLP (NLP University, UCSC, California)
  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis and NLP (Society of NLP, London)
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning (META, Scotland)
  • Course in Advanced NLP Modelling with John Grinder Ph.D. (NLP Academy, London)
  • Training in Feldenkrais Applications in NLP with Mia Segal (NLP Academy, London)
  • Study in the Entrainment of Shamanic and Peak States with Dr. Richard Bandler (META, Scotland)
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (Advanced Human Technologies, South Africa)
  • Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Advanced Human Technologies, South Africa)
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP (Advanced Human Technologies, South Africa)
  • Siddha Yoga Initiation, Practioner of the Way of the Heart, Disciple of Adi Da Samraj
  • Twenty Years of Shamanic, Trance and Embodiment Work with Teachers on Four Continents
  • Twenty Years Personal Study and Experimentation with Nutriton, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
  • Dedicated Biohacker, Human Potential Explorer and Longevity Exponent
  • COMENSA Certified Practitioner, Practice # WCLER-2497-PRA (SAQA Recognised Professional)


  • For private South African clients my rates are R1680 / hour and for international clients $140 / hour.
  • In situations of genuine need coupled with financial challenge I will sometimes reduce my rates to accommodate so feel free to talk to me if this applies to you.
  • For corporate clients or situations involving mediation, litigation or financial disputes, I will quote to fit the circumstances.
  • For travelling to your residence or office my rates are R10 / minute and R3 / kilometre.

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Holistica 136 Reviews
Journey through myself

Journey through myself


– May 02, 2021

I didn’t know Jean-Pierre whatsoever, but soon after we met we entered a beautiful space together. He took me on a journey through myself that I can honestly say I’ve never been to or seen before. He let things surface about myself that were quite plainly obvious to him and then made them obvious to me. I found my power that was so deeply and urgently waiting to be noticed, and it’s all thanks to this stellar human for creating a space for me to find this.

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Holistica 136 Reviews
Shark Phobia Gone

– Sep 10, 2020

I will feel eternal gratitude for what JP accomplished. After 16 years of never going into the ocean, swimming pools or any body of water (even the bath made me anxious), I had surrendered myself to the fact that I would simply never swim again. Within a matter of minutes of working with JP, I was swimming in a lagoon! And actually happy about it! It is still hard for me to grasp what happened because it was effortless and graceful, without the drama one would expect when overcoming such a constricting fear. Now I walk into the ocean, no problem!

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