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Positive Mindset Coach with Marion Nixon

Lymph Drainage Massage,  Cranio-sacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Re-imprinting, Personal Change Coaching, and Trauma Counseling.

My work in natural health spans 20 + years, during which time I trained in a variety of modalities, and chose to practice Lymph Drainage Massage(including essential oils as I originally trained in aromatherapy), Cranio-sacral Therapy and the Energy Psychology techniques of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix-Re-imprinting, which have now become part of my Personal Results Coaching method.

During the course of my work I realised that health starts in the mind, not the body, and because they are so interconnected, working with one will enable change in the other. The most efective path to good health is to address both the emotionl and physical aspects of life.

Lymph Drainage Massage is a soothing massage that not only helps the body detox but is also very relaxing. For best results a programme of 5 massages is recommended. Many clients continue with monthly appointments as a booster and to manage their stress levels. Essential oils are chosen for each person according to their needs and they work on emotional as well as physical well being.

Cranio-sacral Therapy is very gentle palpation, primarily of the nervous system to release tension and trauma stored in the body. It facilitates release of tension in the fascia as well as in the muscles, and so allows the body to realign itself as necessary. Release of physical tension also releases stored emotions so Cranio-sacral Therapy benefits high stress levels and trauma, including trauma from the past.

Scientific research shows the Energy Psychology therapies of Emotional Freedom Techniquesand Matrix Re-imprinting to be some of the most effective methods of releasing emotional issues, including trauma. Even PTSD conditions benefit significantly from Emotional Freedom Techniques. As emotional pain can induce or aggravate physical pain, these techniques frequently have physical benefits as well, especially in the case of chronic pain. They are also effective for changing habits, and releasing the emotional issues that underlie addictions, ending phobias, calming anxiety, easing depression.

In my Personal Results Coaching I help people build their confidence so they can live at their full potential by enabling them to release the subconscious beliefs that hold them back from doing, achieving, be-ing what they want. I use Energy Psychology techniques to help my clients improve performance across all aspects of life – sports, exams, the arts, public speaking, etc – to change habits, ease the emotional pain that underlies addictions, release phobias and other forms of anxiety, stop procrastination, and overall, to  believe in themselves and their capabilities so they can live life to the full.
I organised and hosted the Make 2018 Really Juicy online summit, and run webinars and online and live workshops. I am also a public speaker, and run workshops teaching effective presentation skills.

My Trauma Counseling method combines standard debriefing techniques with Energy Psychology techniques as appropriate to the needs of each client. As mentioned above, Energy Psychology techniques have been scientifically shown to be highly effective in dealing with all forms of trauma, including events that happened long in the past, and early childhood traumas. The latter can affect a person’s self beliefs and behaviour for the rest of their life if the neural pathways associated with the trauma/s are not reconfigured. Brain research shows that Energy Psychology techniques ‘re-wire’ the brain which is why they are so effective.


Lymph drainage massage therapist
Cranio-sacral therapist
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