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Triple Transformation - Body, Mind and Soul.

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Bringing healing to your physical, mental and energetic body


My philosophy is based on the fact that emotional and energetic blockages manifest in psychological and physical symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, cancer, back problems, and the numerous others. I realized that when it comes to healing and transforming your life, a one size fits all approach will not do the trick – everyone is different, and we expect to be treated as such. Why then is it OK to treat everyone with depression in the same manner? Depression, as an example, is the symptom, which is what is being treated. Imagine a world where you are able to heal and transform your life, purely by working on your emotional and energetic body.

In order to heal completely, we need to find the root cause and resolve that together. Once that has been done, you will no longer experience any symptoms. Imagine a brand NEW lease on life! I can’t guarantee that the journey will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

I do this because it works, and because I CARE about every single client. In that lays the secret. I want you to be healed on all levels, permanently, and let’s face it, every body needs some healing.  That doesn’t mean more lessons won’t come, but you’ll be taught the tools and skills to navigate life a little more easily.

My Mission

To enable people to heal and resolve the root cause of their pain and disease naturally, energetically and emotionally, thus eliminating their symptoms and limiting beliefs completely.  The goal is total transformation.


  • Figuring out whether we gel as people before we decide to work together
  • Casual chat and a coffee, or Zoom call
  • Discussion of issues being faced
  • Explanation on how we can find the root cause and possible solutions.
  • Booking of Diagnostic session

Metanoia Mind

The mind is the seat of our emotions and Feelings.

The mind is where our perceptions and beliefs live – it shapes how we think about everything and everyone in our lives and the Universe.  It is where our memories are formed and stored, the same memories that play such a large part in our perceptions.  It is our processor, where ideas and opinions are formed…which are hugely influenced by our perceptions about life.  It is not a coincidence that people say someone is out of their mind when they make odd or different decisions. (or because they have different perceptions )

The mind is complex, as are the emotions. We don’t always realize why we respond in certain ways to certain triggers whilst we might remain completely calm in other scenarios where we would be expected to react.  These are all linked to our perceptions about the world, memories and frames of reference.  If you grew up in a house where there was physical violence, this might be something you are desensitized to.  You might not understand why violence is something that you don’t react to, however when people have a verbal argument it triggers deep emotions of sadness.  These different responses are all seated in perception and emotion.  By working with the mind and emotions, we are able to find the root cause of most problems, illnesses or symptoms that might be holding you back in life, and resolve these, which will have the most amazing spin offs for you.

Emotional blockages manifest and cause energetic blockages which cause physical symptoms.  We find these through various diagnostic techniques such Talk therapy, CBT and Kinesiology.

Metanoia Body

The Mind and the Body are not separate.  What affects one will affect the other.

The health and state of our body is a reflection of what is going on in our emotional and energetic bodies.  Think about that nervous tummy of yours that acts up every time you are stressed or anxious.  Our physical symptoms can almost always be traced back to a blocked or suppressed emotion, or a blockage within our energy field.

What we don’t realize is how connected all the systems in our body are.  When you are stressed, and the fight or flight survival system is activated, it is impossible for the digestive – and/or reproductive system to function optimally.  Did you know that blood sugar fluctuations can affect your energy flow, and your moods?  Raise your hand if you get HANGRY!?

I have done much work and research in this field and it has been proven to me time and again how unresolved emotional issues cause disease.  Something like Cancer could have manifested because of deep past hurt and trauma.  It is exceptionally important for us to resolve emotional issues in order to stay happy and healthy, and to stop symptoms of disease from re-occurring.

Of course, there are other factors that add to certain health problems, such as diet etc, however, this is not the whole picture.  There are a combination of factors that influence this and we will look at most, if not all of them.

Western medicine has a chemical and one size fits all approach to illness, where we, with a holistic approach feel that there are different causes for the same illness, and that we have the power to heal ourselves fully by finding the root cause of a problem and resolving that instead of the symptom.  Western medicine surely has its place in society, we just add to it and assist in different ways.  Why not combine the two – there is ALWAYS space for collaboration.

Your physical symptoms and illnesses will be healed, or at the very least improved, through unblocking the energy flow throughout your body, by resolving suppressed emotional issues, by looking at lifestyle choices and by adding vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements to your routine.  Resolving these symptoms can be absolutely life changing, and even save your life in the long run.

Metanoia Energy

Energetic release can change and transform your entire life!

The entire Universe, including every living being, is made up of energy. Everything is made up of atoms, and what are atoms? They are Energy…. So, YOU ARE ENERGY. It is a well known fact that our hearts generate an electro magnetic energy field which can be picked up outside of the body. This same field has been shown to influence not only the electro magnetic field around our brains, but also the energetic fields of other people’s brains. If that doesn’t prove to you that we are made up of energy, then I don’t know what will.

A while back I read “The Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and it just confirmed everything…again. He gives more scientific and specific proof that we are not only made up of energy, but also that we are able to influence this energy around and within us. If this is the case, then how is it not possible for us to heal ourselves? It absolutely is…

When working through and studying more about energy healing and psychology, I realized that this type of healing and work has been around for many many years. In Chinese cultures, they have been working with energy or “Chi” for centuries. We often frown upon therapies such as Reiki and Crystal Healing, but it’s not all that different from Acupressure, Acupuncture or Reflexology, which are therapies that are more easily accepted by Western Medicine. These therapies are all based on the Energy systems of the body, whether it is the Meridian system, the Chakras or the Aura.

One thing that I am certain of is the fact that blockages and breakdowns in these energy systems can cause illness and great discomfort. These blockages can be caused by an array of things, such as diet, trauma, suppressed emotions, trauma and more. This is why I prefer to use the WHOLE-listic approach. In this way we can be certain that all symptoms are relieved and that they can disappear for good.

I am trained in Traditional Psychology, Kinesiology, EFT and Meridian Psychotherapy.  I am currently in the process of gaining my Archetypal Consulting, QHHT and Advanced Astrology qualifications – amongst a few others.  😉


Q What is an Energy Therapist/Psychologist?

Every single one of us is made up of energy - the same energy that makes up the world around us. In western medicine, this is not something that is thought about consciously, so treatment and healing on this level isn't considered an option or a necessity.

An energy therapist will look at physical and emotional symptoms and work on those in the energetic body, where the root of the problem lies. This will resolve whatever symptoms or illnesses require attention.

Q What is a Triple Transformational Therapy or 3T's?

There are 3 levels to healing ourselves completely - The physical level (our body), the Emotional level (our mind) and the Energetic level (our energetic systems). TTT is a healing process and journey that aids you in healing on all 3 of these levels which will aid in complete, long lasting effects.

Q What are energy systems in the human body?

The body, being made up of energy, has various systems which allow this energy to flow and circulate through the body. The ones that we work with most at Metanoia Healing are the Meridian system, Chakra System and the Aura.

Q What do you mean by emotional blockages?

When we speak of emotional blockages, we refer to suppressed emotions. Sometimes, when we have to deal with something very painful, we tend to stuff those emotions deep down, not allowing it to resolve, purely because it is too painful and we cannot afford to fall apart at that point in time.

When we do this, those emotions build and build. They are the reason why certain scenarios and people trigger us to behave in certain ways etc.
These emotional blockages are like lava, bubbling underneath the surface which will eventually erupt. These blockages manifest in various way, such as physical or mental illness. It is hard work to face them, but they are easily resolvable if you follow a good treatment plan and put in the work required.

Q What are energy blockages?

The body is made up of various energy systems which allow the flow and circulation of energy throughout the body. Sometimes, when we experience trauma or because of stress and other life factors, there are blockages or breaks in these energy system, which stops them from flowing in the patterns and manners that they should.

Since we are made up of energy, this manifests in various things, such as illnesses and other symptoms. Working on these blockages can take commitment, however, by sticking to a thought out, professional treatment plan, it can be resolved quickly. This can dramatically improve quality of life.

Since we live in a stressful world with many pressures, I suggest that you check up on your energy flow with a therapist every now and then. Like everything in life, it needs maintenance.

Q What therapies do you use?

There are various processes in the our treatment plans which all encompass different therapies.

In Diagnostic sessions we will make use of Traditional Psychology, CBT, Lifestyle analysis and Kinesiology. We are currently adding Iridology to this process as well.

When we get to the treatment part of the process, we will look at what is required from the client, and what they feel most comfortable with. Currently, our healing plans are made up of CBT talk therapy, EFT, Meridian Psychotherapy, the addition of natural remedies and supplements and Crystal therapy. We are in the process of adding Reiki, Chakra and Aura Healing and Intuitive Healing to this part of the process.

Q What is EFT?

EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a therapy which works on the emotions and memories in the brain, as well as the meridian system in the body.

Also known as Emotional Acupuncture, it involves tapping on certain pressure points throughout the body in a certain sequence whilst bringing the specific subject being worked on, to the forefront by thinking and speaking of it.

This technique is very effective in treating various conditions such a fears, phobias, Psychological trauma, PTSD, pain, energy blockages and many more. It is easy to perform, very effective and works quite rapidly.

Q Which conditions do you treat?

Each case that we work with is treated individually. It depends on the patient, their personality and willingness to do the required work. We are extremely passionate about our work and helping people, and we will try and help anyone, no matter what the condition or symptom might be.
All we require from them is their commitment and willingness to do the work.

Q How do I know whether this treatment is right for me?

We don't believe that anything in life is a coincidence, and the fact that you are looking at these questions on our website, tells us that you are here for a reason.

If you are unsure about anything, please get in touch with us. We offer a free 30 minute consultation where we meet with you face to face and chat about the possible way forward, and where we make sure that you are comfortable with us, and vice versa.

You are also more than welcome to get in touch with us through the Let's Talk tab on the website or the contact form below if you need any further information.