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Nicole Janssen (de Haas)


Popularly known from the Netflix series, Surviving Death, Nicole Janssen (de Haas) from Holland is an internationally acclaimed medium.  She completed a 3-year advanced vocational training in mediumship in 2010.

Since 2015 Nicole has worked as an approved and certified tutor at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

Nicole runs her own center in which she teaches mediumship, healing and trance. She has been a teacher and course organizer for an international program in Holland for over 15 years now in addition to teaching in the United States, South Africa, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland and Norway.

Nicole offers an international mediumship program under the name “Phoenix World”.

See an interview on YouTube from Surviving Death netflix series


Shortly after Nicole Janssen tarted working as a naturopath and kinesiologist, she found out that shecould connect to the Spirit World naturally.

“I decided to do some courses and finished a 3-year training in mediumship in 2010. I visited the Arthur Findlay College on many occasions and in 2015, after a few years within the teacher training scheme, I became a fully approved tutor at the College in April 2015.

In August 2012 I passed my CSNU for demonstrating and speaking, a qualification that is recognized by the English SNU.

From 2009 until 2019 I was the organizer of an international program on mediumship at the Zwanenhof, former spiritual centre.

Since 2019 I teach mediumship and healing under my own flag: Phoenix World.”

Nicole Janssen works and developed as an all round medium which means that all aspects of mediumship are integrated in her work and development: healing, mental mediumship, trance and physical mediumship. However, trance and physical mediumship and healing are her passion.


Nicole Janssen has also published a book called Silver Cloud – Beyond words – Inspiration and Philosophy from the Unseen World.

This book has been an important part of her work since the start of her involvement in mediumship. It shows that the Spirit World always finds ways and knows the way if we listen to it and to the whispers of our own soul.

All the inspiration, poetry and philosophy was received through the trance mediumship of Nicole de Haas, and the message of Silver Cloud has touched many people as the power of love goes Beyond Words.

Nicole Janssen

Nicole Janssen book Silver Cloud


Nicole Janssen had her development in physical mediumship become active in 2012 when the Circle of Life was formed (now the Phoenix Circle). I had never thought of actively engaging in physical mediumship, but it became clear in my development by the signs I received that this was my path.

I have had the privilege of attending and working with many fantastic physical mediums, such as David Thompson and Stewart Alexander. David Thompson in particular is very involved in my development and a great support in this. I am so grateful to him.

Together with my circle, The Phoenix Circle, I am developing the physical mediumship and we are going through a wonderful development for which I am very grateful!

Occasionally people have been sitting with us outside and a number of times there has been a public séance or a séance during a training week. However, this will no longer be done for the time being, because the Spiritual World needs time with our own Circle to further develop the physical mediumship into a new dimension before we allow guests again.

The Netherlands has no history with physical mediumship like this and it would be fantastic if it was also on the map in your own country.

I am a great advocate that people who want to develop mediumship and give their time to the Spiritual World do so in a “home circle”, which in my view is the foundation in mediumship and Spiritualism.

Fortunately, we also see more and more people in the Netherlands who are making mediumship circles and that is beautiful!

The Circle’s name changed in 2019, because the Spiritual World inspired us to do so. And is it not wonderful that when we look at the goal of physical mediumship that there is a close connection to the spiritual meaning of the phoenix?

The phoenix represents rebirth, magic, renewal, security, transformation, constancy, inventiveness and the sanctity of life. It starts with rising from the darkness to the light, this is a complete life cycle and also a symbol of our immortal soul. In physical mediumship, life is created from darkness to light as all life forms: a baby develops in a woman’s womb, a seed is planted in the dark earth before it sees the light.

It works for the spiritual world when they wish to materialize. It happens in the dark séance chamber, a sacred space where life manifests and both worlds become.