Tantra is a tool for liberation.

A practice that reveals Truth to you. It gives you the opportunity connect to your True essence through your body, your life and Reality. It teaches that your True Essence is Bliss and that we all have access to it.
We have been taught from a very young age how to be a person in this reality. How to shut down our Truth in order to have connection, to be liked and to to survive. We contract so much, just to bear being alive in this human form. And then, when the nervous system is ready, it is time to let go again. Time to surrender into Love and to let your aliveness spontaneously arise.

People usually end up in my session room when they have started to realise that the contraction is no longer serving them. When there is a deep desire to let go of that which is blocking you from fully living and loving. 
Most of what I do in my Tantrik sessions, is working with the nervous system. I work on communicating to your body that it is safe to feel, safe to let go and safe to be in Bliss. The rest is an unfolding that happens naturally.

My mentor, Valentina Leo, has trained me in three main traditional Tantrik practices ; Tandava, Yoga of Touch (Kashmiri massage) and Tantra Yoga. I work intuitively, so I work with what is needed and what is called for. The more clarity you have in what you want to work with, with more potent the session will be.

I used to work as a divorce attorney and then turned conflict resolution, communication and relating into my spiritual practice. Tantra, Yoga and Non Violent Communication are the tools that I use to work with the Heart. I am devoted to living a life that is aligned with the Truth of my Heart and the Heart of Reality and I invite others to join me in this dance. 

I work with both individuals and couples in my sessions.
I am available for one on one sessions, private group sessions and workshops. Contact me to enquire about immersion packages.
Follow me on Instagram for updates on workshops and events: @olivia_themediator

I also offer separate service in compassionate uncoupling for couples who wish to separate with respect, grace and compassion. Email me to enquire about this service.


Accredited Mediator, Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher, Budokon Yoga Teacher and ongoing apprenticeship with Tantra teacher Valentina Leo , numerous trainings in Nonviolent Communication.

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Clearing Blockages

When I started my shadow work, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. While there was much I was able to “go at alone”, I came across blockages that – for various reasons – I could not understand, and these left me frustrated, lost, and a little frightened. I am so grateful to Olivia for providing the service she does. Its difficult to put exactly into words what she does, but what ever it is, it works. She did not force me to face what I needed to face to get through these internal blocks. Instead, she held me (physically and emotionally) in a place of safety so that I could do the work that I needed to do. I will be forever grateful to her, and highly recommend her practice /teaching/connection to anyone wanting to develop their full potential

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Louise Blanche

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A Wonderful Guide

Olivia has been a beautiful, gracious, wise guide to my early steps into Tantra. I love her passion for the truth she shares and have enjoyed every interaction with her, both online and in person.

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