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School of Regression Therapy

While everyone seems to be talking about past lives these days, it is imperative to understand that entering a past life is only a small part of a far broader healing modality called Regression Therapy.

How to heal with Regression Therapy

Today we recognise that past or current life experiences are perceived either as negative or positive energy, and are stored in the energetic layers of our body. Negative experiences (trauma) are translated in the body as energetic blocks.

Regression Therapy is the process whereby specialised techniques are used to locate energetic blocks caused from negative experiences, uncovering the route cause at the source, navigate between past and current lives if necessary, and finally dissolve the emotional link to that negative experience. Regression Therapy deals with all energetic layers of a person at one time – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in order to facilitate a very deep healing.

A person’s social and cultural upbringing, and life experiences will determine how they perceive trauma, yet it seems that the body’s layers don’t discern between different types of trauma, it is registered as energetic blocks in the body, which manifest as physical symptoms, or current life issues. My clients come to me with a wide range of different problems – ranging from the less intricate blocks to the more complex blocks like verbal, emotional, sexual or physical abuse. Releasing the emotional link from the image in the sub-conscious is an integral part of helping someone to feel more empowered.

Proper training in Regression Therapy teaches facilitators to first make sure that an issue does not need medical intervention and if not, proceed with therapy to ascertain why the issue is presenting itself. I put my clients into a safe hypnotic state or use repressed cellular memory techniques, take them back to the first time they felt this symptom, going back to and re-framing the initial situation. No matter if we have accessed a past life or current life situation, it’s important to bring the resolution through to the present day, bringing new energy into the system and letting the body assimilate that which has past. Through various techniques, I ascertain whether or not blocks have been cleared, and if not, backtrack and revisit until therapy is at its completion phase.

When I facilitate a past life, current life or inner child regression, the person’s narrative allows them an understanding of the root cause to their issues, as the facilitator, I’m more concerned with the emotions / physical symptoms / thoughts which are translating as energy blocks in the body during the session. Ultimately, the clearing of any energy blocks are the most important aspect of a session and one should not simply experience a past life in order to see who they were, as any energy blocks which will surface will remain in the fore of your energy system.

Past life sessions can become very informative if aspects like – soul contracts, links to people from the past that are carried over into this lifetime, and more, are accessed. The point of all of this is, of course, to help a person gain an understanding of their current life situation or symptom, become ‘unstuck’ from it, thereby making the current life more enjoyable and fruitful.

“There’s something very powerful about going straight to the subconscious source.”

Due to having more clients than I could service at one time, I established Janet Homan’s School of Regression Therapy in Cape Town. People reaped such incredible benefits from this kind of therapy that it became clear that there is a dire need for more qualified therapists in this field of expertise. Providing Regression Therapy training in South Africa is a real need. For more on the school visit www.schoolofregressiontherapy.com.


  • Regression Therapist (Dip.RTh) ( Past Life Regression Academy UK) (1yr)
  • BSc. Medical Honours Dietetics (UCT. South Africa) (6yrs)
  • International Accredited Energy Healer (Cert.) (International School of Intuition & Healing London + South Africa)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Ct.Hyp) (Past Life Regression Academy UK)
  • Life Between Lives Therapist (Cert.LBL) (Past life Regression Academy UK)
  • Internationally Accredited member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA)
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)