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Tune into your felt sense to heal

With fascia tuning somatic movement and mindfulness practices.

Antoinette Kavanagh is SomaSensing guide & fascia educator, offering retreats, workshops, & courses in Cape Town.

Want to feel strong, supple & pain free?

Get to the heart of healing with fascia tuning somatic movement & mindfulness practices

  • Move the way you were born to
  • Bounce back to your inner rhythm
  • Nurture your nervous system whilst nourishing your fascia from the inside out

Fascia feels strained and inflamed when your nervous system is out of tune

It feels plump, elastic, supple, vibrant & springy when you are in tune

The “startle response” is an example of how an emotional response becomes a pattern of strain that gets stuck in your entire fascial fabric. Resulting in rigidity and restriction throughout the body. Including the ribs, diaphragm, pelvic floor, neck, shoulders, back and feet. affecting how you feel, how you breath and restricting how you move.

Learn how to tune into fascia to unlock movement blueprints that intuitively unwind strain and stuckness.

Take healing back into your own hands

​Calm chronic pain, revitalise chronic fatigue, calm inflammation

Learn how to reconnect with your intuitive sense to nurture and heal yourself. How to use this inner somatic wisdom to quieten the noise and heal the strain. Through fascia as felt sense.

Healing fascia to heal trauma through the body