Tantra, Bodywork, Family Constellations and Zen Coaching

This is my invitation to YOU.

To follow the sound of my voice, the rhythm of my words, the beat of my heart, the energy of my nervous system.

Where are we going? you might ask.

There is no outward destination, no goal, no agenda, no trying to fix, no trying to heal. We are simply returning to that place inside you, inside each one of us, deep inside, beyond the beyond, a place of stillness, of aliveness, of rest, of passion, of love, of deep wisdom.

This is the field. I will meet you here.

I have many incarnations: Zen Coach, Family Constellations Facilitator, Poet, Tantrika, Shamanic Energy & Bodyworker.

I use each of these aspects of myself as an arrow in my quiver. And with deep presence, curiosity, respect and fun, we pierce through the veils to see what is needed in each moment of our process together. Together we create sacred spaces where we can become curious explorers of your inner and outer worlds – for you to awaken to who YOU Truly Are.

I deeply trust in the body’s ability to regulate and integrate what our minds cannot. I am a bodywork practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Detox Massage), Fascia & Trauma Release Massage, Shamanic Energy Healing and Tantric Dearmouring & Touch Work (note: this is not a “tantric” or erotic massage).  Even when I am not working directly with the body, it is the most important tool in our process together. I am inviting you to surrender to the truth, to the wisdom of your own body. My role is to create a safe container where you yourself can shed what blocks you from claiming the most authentic parts of yourself.

I have been a “seeker” for most of my adult life. Only to stumble across the fact that I am – I always was – what I was looking for. I have been on the path of meditation since 1996. I am deeply inspired by Vipassana Meditation and the non-dual teachings of Issac Shapiro, Almaas and Jeff Foster.

My in-person practice for individuals and couples is in Scarborough and Rondebosch, Cape Town. I offer online sessions in Tantra, Zen Coaching and Family Constellations. I also facilitate Family Constellations Workshops in Cape Town and Tantra retreats for women in South Africa.

Tantra Practice & Initiation | Various | 2015 – present
Zen Coaching Training | 2019 – 2021
Basic Theory & Practice of Family Constellations | Richard Higgins | 2020
Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage), Karsai Nei Tsang (Therapeutic Genital Massage), Energy Medicine & Reiki| The Heart of Healing | 2019
Fascia & Trauma Release Advanced | Liza Kimble | 2019, 2021
Womb Awakening Apprenticeship | Fountain of LIfe | 2016
Women Within, Women Empowering Women | Women for Afrika | 2012 – 2013

For general enquiries or to schedule an appointment please contact me via Whatsapp on 0765355949.  No phone calls please. Messages only. For more detailed enquiries please email me tara@tararose.net

I look forward to our journey together.

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Zen Teaching

What an amazing woman with patience and an amazing sense of peace around Tara, she is wise and kind and knows what she is doing, she has helped me find the right tools to look after myself and to remind myself the importance of life. Tara is definitely worth it and I’m sure you will be saying the same shortly after your visit with her! Good luck to your practise though you don’t need it for the energy you expel will bring the right energy back!

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Lochlan Duncan

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Bodywork And Loving Touch

I see Tara as a “midwife” as I always receive a bodywork from her at the times when I am shedding old skin and coming into a new stage of my life. Tara helps me to birth that new part of me. I can always drop very deeply with her because she impeccably holds a very safe space. Tara has a gift of touching me deeply, reaching those spaces that I didn’t know existed.

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Holistica 136 Reviews
Family Constellations
Tara Rose is a Family Constellation facilitator of the utmost insight and care. Bringing to this role a powerful spiritual practice and deeply refined intuition, Tara is able to navigate groups through the most difficult terrain. Having now worked with many facilitators, I can say without hesitation that Tara is of the highest echelon. And speaking personally, the constellation Tara facilitated for my family system led to a profound shift that has opened up a difficult relationship with a parent that had previously felt intractable. She brings this same combo of finesse and deep compassion to her work as a Zen Coach. I cannot recommend working with her enough.
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