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Wendy Christien is a holistic wellness practitioner and her practice is located in Cape Town’s Northern suburbs. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, Wellness Healthcare and Counseling, and has close to two decades of experience in her profession. She has empathy with people, is well-positioned to give guidance on holistic health-enhancing programs, and is committed to accompanying her clients on their road towards a health-beneficial lifestyle She facilitates holistic, health-enhancing programs for those wanting to gain or regain balance in their lives through lifestyle adjustments, wellness programs and nutritional support. She applies recognized and non-intrusive methods to fully analyze the body to determine the functionality of its systems and to identify shortages, deficiencies or imbalances that may exist.

These methods – which include the Bio Energetic Stress Testing (BEST) system, iridology and nutrigenomics – are applied independently or in combination, depending on the individual’s wellness situation or requirements. The results enable her to make recommendations and offer counseling regarding lifestyle adjustments, wellness programs and nutritional essentials. If required, this can complement nutritional, stress, and lifestyle coaching programs. Wendy’s holistic wellness programs can meet the needs of a broad spectrum of individuals – from those who already have a sound and healthy way of life, yet want to further refine their overall well-being, to others on the opposite side of the spectrum wanting to regain balance in their lives, and needing professional input and guidance to be able to do so.


BEST Practitioner, Iridologist, BA in Social Work (Wellness Healthcare & Counselling)


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Healing Success – Integrated Health Solution

Wendy is amazing in customising a unique treatment program that restored my health, energy levels and curb weight gain for long lasting effects. Thanks Wendy.

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