"Broad beans are my one of my favourite vegetables, its one of the joys of spring..  The double podding of the beans is a labour of love, one which has become a shared experience with my young...

Alexander Technique, Movement Training
How we walk and move, from the tiniest micro movements 
to the most bold, often reveal areas of constriction 
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Travelling can be a daunting experience! Many people get affected by the stale air, processed food, lack of exercise and an increased risk from pathogens. FUL.HEALTH have therefore developed a...

Happiness bowls taste great, make you feel good and support your day-to-day routine. They're easy to whip up, and are high in nutritional density. Try this delicious version by...

Nutrition, Nutritionist
“The greatest joy is in transforming our situation. 
Nutrition, Nutritionist

What, when and how much you eat can have a dramatic effect on your stamina, performance and recovery.  Eat food that boosts your performance and helps with muscle recovery. Follow our tips through...

Spekboom is high in nutritional value, with a subtle lemony taste and a notable Vitamin C content. The leaves have long been used for medicine


In Cape Town we are so fortunate to have such good quality fish in our local waters. Cape salmon is one of them, and it's great roasted whole. This dish from the wonderful...

~ from Kojic acid to hyaluronic serums and ceramides, 
Life Coach

Intuitive coach, Nix Stephens presents 6 beautiful suggestions to negotiating a time of transition and uncertainty.

Mindfulness, Life Coach, Psychotherapy

We often live as if the present is the means to the future. This means we never live but hope to let living happen sometime in the future.

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McGregor, a quaint village two hours’ drive from Cape Town is the perfect getaway, set in a mountain scape destined to nourish your soul.  It is known as a sacred site and one of...

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The Human Coach, Enrique Schochen emphasises that, “From quite literally the moment we wake up, to the last moments of consciousness before sleep, we are living in opposition to our natural selves...

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Be intentional and connect with yourself this year

Rather than making resolutions, create intentions....


We love blueberries in just about anything! But especially in these...

Financial Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Financial Coach

Have you tried to manage your money better but time and time again fall back into bad spending habits, never really managing to make the required changes?

Heal Your Life, Health Protocol, Mindfulness

Water isn’t just necessary for life. It is life. Our bodies are largely made up of water and most of the earth’s surface is covered by water. H2O is a miraculous, magical molecule and after...

Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Leadership

Even if your house is flooded or burnt to the ground, whatever the danger that threatens it, let it concern only the house. If there’s a flood, don’t let it flood your mind. If there’s a fire, don...

Financial Coach

So often we forget to pay attention to the major things in life. Financial wellbeing is fundamental to a complete and happy existence.


Yoga is one of the most ancient practices known to mankind. It is a means to reconnect to ourselves and transform body, mind and spirit. Here are 5 yoga postures for you to try out, one for every...