Plan a midnight feast. There’s nothing quite as invigorating
as doing something a little naughty or silly. 
Understanding what it takes to keep romance alive

Get a new take on early mornings by embracing an 
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Teff is a naturally gluten-free ancient super grain with a low glycaemic index.  It really is a wonder grain for anything from bread and pasta to biscuits, muffins and cakes.

“The beginning of love is the will  to let those we love be perfectly 
themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. 
If in loving them we do not love what they are,  but...
"The simple truth is that any food can be an aphrodisiac
 as long as you really love to eat it.” 
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We just love this delicious and nutritious snack recipe from the Low Carb High Fat Cookbook for Healthy Ageing...


We don't know about you, but we drink a LOT of smoothies in summer! This one made from H2CoCo coconut water is one of our all-time favourites...

Get your chocolate fix with a dose of Cacao. Cacao is an amazing antioxidant - 40 times more so than blueberries.

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The Holistic Principle works on the basis that every part of your physical body is connected to, and interacts with, every other part. It recognizes the interactions between the body, emotions,...

“Life will give you whatever experience is the most 
helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. 
How do you know this is the experience that you need? 

Rather than taking a few weeks out of your schedule to follow a strict regimented eating plan, or trying to negotiate the latest fad diet, make a toxin-free existence part of your lifestyle. Let...

Pachamama (mother earth) lends us our body for a lifetime; 
she also supplies everything we could possibly need to live 
Be more conscious and add homemade, homegrown, home baked, 
upcycled, repurposed, earth loving, planet friendly, community 
supporting and reciprocal gifting to your 2020...

"Broad beans are my one of my favourite vegetables, its one of the joys of spring..  The double podding of the beans is a labour of love, one which has become a shared experience with my young...

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How we walk and move, from the tiniest micro movements 
to the most bold, often reveal areas of constriction 
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Travelling can be a daunting experience! Many people get affected by the stale air, processed food, lack of exercise and an increased risk from pathogens. FUL.HEALTH have therefore developed a...

Happiness bowls taste great, make you feel good and support your day-to-day routine. They're easy to whip up, and are high in nutritional density. Try this delicious version by...

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“The greatest joy is in transforming our situation. 
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What, when and how much you eat can have a dramatic effect on your stamina, performance and recovery.  Eat food that boosts your performance and helps with muscle recovery. Follow our tips through...

Spekboom is high in nutritional value, with a subtle lemony taste and a notable Vitamin C content. The leaves have long been used for medicine