Gratitude & Grace Weekend
17 Nov (All day) to 19 Nov (All day)
082 413 4078  Paternoster, West Coast

Gratitude & Grace Weekend

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We are excited to be extending our offering from Paros, Greece to Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa.

This weekend reTreat offers you a unique opportunity to discover your innate potential
to create the life you wish for – One of bliss and ease …

Andrea Phillips-Seidel

By guiding the discussion with particular attention paid to how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact our state of being,
the opportunity to expand into more of what we wish to become and create in our lives, will be activated.

In this Satsang I wish to invite all participants to explore into
the deeper meaning of the experience of gratitude and grace.

A set of skills will be offered for the participants to carry with them.

Individual sessions, mindful massage and guided meditation will add to the fine tuning of this state of being.
In the ever expanding field of neuro-plasticity, it has been clearly documented that the brain chemistry changes dramatically when
a state of gratitude is experienced for only ten minutes of every day. There is an increase in endorphin release and
creativity and accelerated thinking and living is optimised.

This weekend reTreat offers each participant a unique opportunity to discover this innate potential and
create the life you wish for – One of bliss and ease …


Lore Coughlan

We gather as tribe to celebrate the closure of the year in gratitude and with grace.

We will craft personal prayer flags with passion, purpose and intention.
One string prayer flags of gratitude for the year past, another for your desires for the year to come.

You take your conscious creation with you to hang in your home, a favorite tree, your altar…
somewhere you can see them each day and be reminded in ease, of the part you play in your experience of grace and gratitude. From this place, the messages will be heard by Spirit.


Yanna Romano

Through guided mindful movement, we will greet the sun with gratitude each morning – connecting our inner flow to brighten our outer glow.

As a movement enthusiast with a background in ballet, contemporary dance, and contact improvisation, as well as a Vinyasa yoga teacher with a background in creative facilitation – I work carefully and intuitively to guide you into an embodied state of grace.

I provide clear anatomical instruction and gentle hands-on adjustments that aim to ensure the specific technical, emotional and energetic needs of everyone are met.


Cost / Pricing: 
R5 000 per participant for a double room l R3 500 per participant sharing.
Teacher / Instructor: 
Aegean Alchemy

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